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Z y n i x i s I c o n s

Icons Journal

Zynixis Icons
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All icons are created by zynixis/brokenlyricals/themoonlitwalks. (I have changed my LJ. Twice. :x) This community is closed to all applications because it's for me to post my icons. I'm being very kind and generous by sharing my icons so please follow the rules. If you don't, don't blame me for being nasty. If you see my icons elsewhere and that person didn't credit, kindly report to me by commenting on my latest post. Thanks.

1. Comment and tell me what you took.
2. Credit zynixis brokenlyricals themoonlitwalks or zynixis_icons.
3. DO NOT direct link.
4. Do not claim my icons as your work.
5. If you like my icons, feel free to watch the community. :)